Times are a changing 

Well Watkins Glen is in the books. Joey Logano completes the sweep. Some things I enjoyed from the race were Truex running strong til he cut a tire late in the race, and it was nice to see David Ragan run near the front for majority of the race. Some great news for MWR , after a turbulent week last week , with their majority owner taking his wallet elsewhere. Also it was very encouraging  to see that Smoke qualified and ran strong early despite news of his civil action suit that was announced on Friday. But the thing that struck me was the so called “road course ringers ” and their lack of success. I remember not all that long ago , names such as Fellows , Pruett and Said would come in and the Cup stars would look to them for advice and tips on getting around the track. Then the playing field levelled out and the Cup drivers could stay with the ringers. 

 Now it seems the Cup guys have the advantage weather its a road course or not. Yes Boris Said was in the race but never really ran any better then 32 nd all day. Now yes he’s getting older and the cup guys seem to get younger every year but looks like there is no more ringers left today. Just goes to show the talent and ability these drivers possess today. Sunday just showed us that times are a changing. 

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