Kenseth wins in the Irish Hills 

  Victory Lane News was in Brooklyn on the weekend to take in the sights and sounds of Sunday’s race. Matt was the class of the field on Sunday from the pole to the checkers. It was great to see a sell out crowd on Sunday.  
 Yes I know that MIS removed the turn four grandstands a number of years ago , but still very encouraging to the the large numbers and the large number of children there. I’m hoping the sport is in good hands for years to come.  

 I’ve talked to people from all over and it always seems to be negative, no people in the seats , too many rules , new TV package will be nascars doom. I certainly hope this is not the case. I was able to experience the new Fanactis Fanzone  souvenir tents.  

 Although I found is strange not to see the merchandise haulers trackside, I thought the new concept was great. Your able to feel and try on souvenirs and the checkouts were fast and friendly. So I applaud my NASCAR, my sport. Yes maybe it’s not perfect but I still love it , and I’ll keep going to support it and do my small part.

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