Darlington Throw back 

First of all , great to get back to blogging, was busy with work the last two weeks. So here’s my thoughts on lastnight a race. As much as NASCAR and the racing community was a buzz with the whole 70’s flashback theme , I never really got excited about it. Yes it was nice to see some of the retro paint schemes,but seeing Rutledge Wood in his suit I could do without LOL. It wasn’t till I heard Ned Jarrett ‘s voice in the booth calling the race that I truly enjoyed the whole theme , I got it. Hearing him and his son was awesome, and they were terrific together. Yes Ken Squire was there too but it’s Ned’s voice that I remembered from years past. I wish Ned would do more in the booth, his voice is what I recall, as well as Neil Bonnets and Buddy and Benny’s as well. That to me is the flashback I long for. You can paint the cars different colours every week but those voices are one of a kind. 

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