Who’s in who’s out!

Well the Chase is set , and the championship run is ready to begin. Most of the drivers that are in the Chase are not unexpected , the Jimmie’s , the Harvicks , heck even Jeff is in. But there is some surprising faces that are both in , and not in. I’m glad to see Martin Truex make it in. He’s run strong the last few years and deserves some good results and luck for a change. Also great to see Paul Menard be in the chase . It wasn’t all that long ago Tony was telling the Nascar community Paul’s daddy bought him his ride. And everyone loves Jamie Mac , but I find it some what surprising that a few drivers did not have great runs this year and our absent from the list . I figured , and was hoping Smoke would have run better this year , yes I know he’s been through hell , that’s why I was wishing him a great season. Then there is Ricky Stenhouse , I pull him to have good runs , it just never seems to happen . And then there’s Danica, you wont hear me ever bash her , like I tell everyone, if it’s so easy , everyone would drive in cup. But sometimes I wonder when it’s going to be when we see her in victory circle. I guess that’s what’s so great about this sport , you should expect the unexpected . Ten races left , and I can’t wait !

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