When push comes to shove. 

Ok so everyone in the nascar community has seen the aftermath between not so happy Harvick and old six time after the Chicago race. Here’s my view on it. Jimmie is low on the apron and knows he has to get up on the track before he reaches the corner. And Kevin knows he’s there and knows as well that Jimmie cannot stay down there through out the corner. So Kevin keeps his line assuming Jimmie will lift and tuck in behind. Jimmie keeps his foot in it thinking Kevin will move up the race track and make room. Neither is wrong in their assumptions. It just never worked in each other’s favour. Now good on Jimmie for going to Kevin’s motor coach to give his side. But Kevin is not seeing as Jimmie is and the shoving begins. Which I feel was justified. What I didn’t like was Jimmie just walking away. If someone shoves me , I’m shoving back , no questions asked. That’s what the chase brings , that’s why the last races are ones not too miss.  


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  1. Cheryl-Lea says:

    Ummm I respectfully disagree, Jimmie was a true gentleman by walking away. Jimmie showed self control and maturity. What bothers me most is the fact that I bet dollars to donuts that Kevin son Kegan was in that white suv …. a fight is not something this child needs to see! especially if it involves his dad. I stand by my initial first thought. .. it was a douchbag move on Kevin’s part.


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