The Good , Bad and Ugly 

Well this week in nascar was full of good news and terrible news for certain teams. First the Good , so nice to read Martin Truex signed a contract extension, and that the team is switching to Toyota next year , and have partnered up with Gibbs for technical support.  

 Now comes the bad , if that’s how you look at it. It was announced today by Tony himself that next year will be his last behind the wheel. I feel it’s bad because Tony leaving is just another veteran champion that won’t be battling for wins. Hopefully nascar won’t feel the effects of smoke’s retirement. Now Clint taking his ride could definitely fall under the Good , but sad to see Tony go.  

Now the Bad. Sad to hear that Jimmy Means Racing hauler caught fire.  

 One crewman was reported injured trying to put out the blaze. This will be a devastating setback for this operation. And the week is not over yet. We will see what the weekend brings. The highs and lows of Chase racing. 


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