No problem with that

Well with Kansas in the books I have to say I have no problem with Joey making contact with Kenseth. That being said I’m not Matt and I wasn’t leading with a few to go. I saw Matt being a touch slower then Joey , hence the blocking. Maybe Joey should have gotten off his bumber going into the corner but what’s done is done. Great run for Blaney and Kahne. I tweeted and have noticed that Ricky has been running a little better lately, more consistent. Now myself, I’m a fan of Jeff and once again pit crew problems and poor handling plagued him. He was able to get a top ten but when is the last time the #24 came to the track , qualified well and dominated the race. Not a great season to finish up on but what do you do, someone call Ray, please! Heard a rumour Ray will crew chief his final race in Homestead, that will be nice. Well next week brings Dega! Can’t wait to see who causes and gets through the “big one “, you know it’s going to happen. Congrats again Joey , your schooling these boys.  


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