The uncontrollable is now controlled 

Well the drivers can relax  and take a breath. All that’s left is to stare at the Chase standings and imagine what could have been. For Joey Logano he can smile and beat his chest, winning the last three races , he seems unstoppable.  

 Whether you like him or not , and I do like him, he made the right moves and found his new second home, victory circle. Besides winning, he managed to rattle Kenseth squeezing down on him getting into the pits. Kenseth was steaming and let it be known he was going after him after the race. Some drivers had great days and some will head home heartbroken. Truex battled all day near the back before finally making ground and finishing seventh and making it to the next Chase round. Paul Menard and Ricky Stenhouse had top ten runs and should be happy with that. Denny and Matt will be dreaming of what could have been, both not being able to advance to the next round. Dale Jr did what he had to do but came up one position short and will not advance either. He spoke after and said ” he did all he could, and was happy with their performance and effort “. Now the drivers are heading to Martinsville with calmer nerves and more confidence.  

 Can’t forget Harvick who angered some by not moving out of the way when he knew his motor would not run any faster then caution lap speed. But he did what he had to do to advance. So bring on the short track in Martinsville and let them loose as we get closer to crowning a champ. 

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