A night to remember 

Tuesday night I had the opportunity to interview Dina Parise. The 2015 IHRA Pro Mod World Champion. I reached out to her about doing this and she was so gracious and accepted. Here’s the interview :

   VLN We are so thrilled to have this opportunity to have @DPariseRacing with us to answer our questions.

DP Good evening all ! 

VLN First of all Dina, tell us a little about yourself, where are you from?

DP Originally #NewYork… Go @Mets ! But now in PA! 

VLN  Very nice. What made you decide to be a race car driver? Was it something you knew at an early age? 

DP  I watched my husband race. Knew I had to try it! I have been in a Pro Mod for 10 years. 

VLN So is it safe to say that your husband was your racing inspiration? 

DP Technically? I wanted to race him and beat him… LOL 

VLN Lol do you think you can beat him? Does he still race? 

DP  I can and I have beat him. We started as a 2 car Pro Mod team. His and hers. 

VLN What was his reaction to you beating him? 

DP  We have a lot of fun racing eachother… Lot’s of trash talk! 

VLN Does he miss racing? 

DP  He does. I miss racing him! We are working toward having a 2 Pro Mod team again! 

VLN How old were you when you first sat behind the wheel of a race car , and what were your emotions at the time 

DP I was actually in my 30’s

VLN Wow you’ve accomplished a lot in that short time! 

DP Well, we have been running Pro Mod for 10 years. It’s been a bit….

VLN How does this profession affect your family life. Do you have children?

DP Our child has 4 legs and fur! You can find her at @ProModBella ! 

VLN lol I followed Bella the pug today. 

VLN What does a race weekend for you entail? Do you race every weekend? 

DP With @IHRA @Crowercams Pro Mod we ran 8 races. 

VLN now is that a complete season?

DP Yes… and #TeamDParise is 2015 @IHRA @Crowercams Pro Mod #WorldChamps !

VLN Dina is your husband your mechanic? And do you turn some wrenches as well? 

DP Andrew does all the maintenance. I do bits here and there. 

VLN what does car run? And how does it handle? 

DP 6’s at 240MPH in the 1/4

VLN Wow! So congratulations on winning the 2015 IHRA Pro Mod Championship! 

DP Thank you!

VLN Thanks for allowing us to ask you some questions and taking the time out of your busy schedule 

DP Thank you for the chat…. I hope you all enjoyed it! 

VLN We sure did and we will be rooting you on next year as you go for another championship! 

DP Thank you!

Special thanks to my team , Janet, Alix, Brooke, Jordan Middlebrook and Dana. 


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