I must vent 

So now that my blood pressure is down to a normal level, I can give my thoughts on all that happened at Martinsville yesterday. First of all I want to express to everyone that I’m a lover of the sport, and I respect every driver in the garage area. Now with that out of the way, I’ve been listening and reading everything on social media and I’m fascinated with what I observed. First off, Mr Kenseth took matters into his own hands and dumped Joey intentionally and it caused an uproar.  

 Now yes I know there’s a history here and yes I get it that he was livid with Joey from last week. I understand and I’m not a Logano fan or Kenseth for that matter, but how come when Matt drove him hard into the wall, did I instantly feel that he was in the total wrong. Yes Joey moved him , moved him! But what Matt did was out of character, and way out of line. I lost a lot of respect for his actions yesterday. And this is my opinion, if he had the nerve to dump him, then man up and say so , don’t lie and blame your tires or front end damage. Dale Sr took out guys when need be, but would admit it. Remember the old ” rattle his cage a little bit “. Now I think NASCAR will park Matt, but we will have to wait fir a ruling tomorrow. He changed the entire out come of the race, and I believe tarnished the race. Jamie Mac received little press for his second place finish. Also I didn’t appreciate Mr Logano acting the way he did after, his son can handle his own affairs and by erupting in the garage area, your just an embarrassment to your son and the entire team.. Now I heard from a lady Logano fan that she was told ” to kill herself “. People, our sport is simply entertainment, that is drastic and uncalled for. Now that’s my rant, and it’s over, I promise. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Matt, just feel his actions were uncalled for. Like I said earlier, the outcome was changed and for me I was ecstatic with the end result.  

 Yes I’m a Gordon fan and I’m thrilled he won and solidified his chance for the championship. I was a little shocked with the empty seats there but with all this publicity, whether good or bad , this could mean fewer empty ones next year. So with all that took place yesterday, it should make for an exciting next few weeks. Now let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings and if NASCAR hands out any punishment. I also must comment on the passion of the fans. There was plenty of passion all over social media, but let’s try to keep it controlled. 

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