Kendra Adams is on her way 

We had the privilege of asking Kendra Adams, one of the drivers from Adams Motorsports some questions about her experience in being selected for the Drive for Diversity combine this year.  

 She’s 16 years old and is turning heads here in Ontario Canada. We asked her about her start in racing and her thoughts on her experience with the Drive for Diversity program. 

VLN  When did you start racing?

Kendra  I started racing 3 years ago when I was 13. I race a mini stock which is a front wheel drive Honda in the 4 cyl division. I race at Sunset Speedway

VLN  How did you get started? Did you have any influences?

Kendra  Yes. My dad raced for 15 years. He started racing at 16 and raced everything from thunder car, challenger and late model. My grandfather raced years ago and so did my uncle.

VLN  Wow so it’s in your genes. So tell us how you got picked to go south and be part of the Drive for Diversity combine?

Kendra  They have an application process that you compete online. You have to submit and introduction video, video footage of your racing, accomplishments , photographs etc. You have to tell them why you want to be with D4D. From there they go through the applications and pick who they want to invite to the combine.

Once invited, you go for a day of testing. Unfortunately the testing was rained out, so we are waiting to hear if they will select based on the info they already have or if we would need to go back at all.

VLN  And tell us why you wanted to be a part of this?  Yes we have been observing the weather down there that’s too bad. Hopefully you all will be invited down again.

Kendra  My dream is to take racing to the highest I can. I want to be involved in racing whether it’s as a driver or in another area such as marketing and promotions. I love racing and if I can be involved in a way to make it my career, that would be amazing. We will find out in the next few weeks who the lucky people selected will be.

VLN  Did you enjoy your experience down there ?

Kendra  The whole D4D experience was amazing. I met some amazing people, we did some fun things as a group, like visiting the Nascar Hall of Fame and Hendricks Motorsports. The whole experience has been amazing and I am very grateful to have been selected to be a part of it

VLN  Well we are so proud to be able to ask you some questions about your racing and being selected to the D4D combine

Kendra  Thank you!

VLN  We wish you all the best this coming season at @Sunset_Speedway and hope to get out and cheer you on and meet you in victory circle.

Kendra  Do you go to Sunset?

VLN  And maybe someday soon we will be watching you battle down south. Yes I try to get to sunset a couple of times a season.

Kendra  Awesome! Thanks.

VLN  Thank you, once again Canada is proud of your accomplishments and on your selection. 🏁

Kendra  Awe thanks so much. 

 Thanks to Kendra ( @2KendraAdams ) @Adamsmotorsports  for making this possible. Kendra races at Sunset Speedway in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada. Go out and cheer her on!! 🏁

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