Two pro’s going at it. 

During the closing laps yesterday in Texas, with Brad dominating the entire race he couldn’t hold off Jimmie any longer.  

 Brad knew, Jimmie knew, hell we all knew that Brad no matter how hard he tried, could not keep the Lowes 48 behind him. And while yes Brad did his best to take Jimmie’s lane away, he eventually let him get by. I thought it was very professional on his part, the faster car won yesterday. Those two drivers raced hard, and clean, and showed it can be done in our sport. I believe in blocking to hold someone back but if it’s obvious that the car behind is faster, you can only do so much to fend him off. Brad knew he couldn’t hold Jimmie off for long and Jimmie thanked Brad for his clean racing. I was delighted with Martin Truex’s strong run. He ran upfront almost the entire race till the power steering went out with 5 or 6 to go. So with Jimmie in victory circle taking selfies, we move on to next week.  

 Oh and not to let anyone forget that he’s still mad, Matt sent out a tweet taking a shot at Joey and Brian France, what ever , it’s over, let’s move on to Phoenix. 🏁 

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