He’s young and he’s coming 

We had the opportunity to talk with Kodie Conner, driver from Kodie Conner Racing. 


VLN: First of all, we are thrilled with the opportunity to ask you some questions. Tell us where your from?

KC: I am from Kannapolis N.C. 

VLN: How old were you when you first raced a car? And what was it?

KC: I started racing at the age of 5, in a Quarter Midget.

  VLN: Is there racing in your family?

KC: My father, grandfather, and uncle use to race. 

VLN:  Where are you racing now? What’s the name of your home track? 

KC: I race with the PASS Series and it is a traveling series, the closet track to me is Concord Speedway

VLN: Tell us what class your competing in now? Any wins? Top 5’s?

KC: I am in the Super Late Model and Pro Late Model division. I have 9 wins in the Pro Late Model and 17 top 5’s. 

VLN:  How many nights a week are you racing? 

KC:  I race on Saturdays and we race about 2 times a month. 

VLN:  – What are your goals in racing and where do you see yourself racing in 5 years?

KC:  My ultimate goal is to compete in one of the top three NASCAR Series, I see my self in the ARCA Series in 5 years.

  VLN:  Thank you Kodie for taking the time to answer some questions for us. We will watch your progress and have no doubt that we will see you racing within the Cup Series in the future. 
Instagram Kodieconnerracing

Twitter @KodieConner

Website KodieConnerRacing.com 

Thanks to Kodie Conner, and my Victory Lane News team Janet, Brooke and Alix 

Watch for Kodie in Victory Lane. 🏁

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