Where’s the Smoke? 

Well we took a few days off after watching Kyle Busch being crowned 2015 Sprint Cup champ. But now we are back and itching to write about anything NASCAR. So we picked Tony Stewart. After watching a stellar career begin and sadly end with Jeff Gordon retiring in Homestead, we now focus on Smoke. He announced that this coming year will be his last. I’ve watched him struggle the last couple of years. They say your head has to be in it to win it , not exactly surehis has been. Yes we were all stunned by the news of him accidentally killing Kevin Ward Jr  back in 2014. Something so tragic , is bound to change a person.  

 He was struggling a little before the accident but after just never ran competitively again. Yes he got the odd top ten but he never ran like the Tony we are used to seeing from week to week. And being an owner in this sport brings its own challenges as well.  

 He was rewarded with a championship last year with Kevin Harvick winning it all. But you rarely saw that big smile on his face he’s known for.  

 So this year he announced a primary sponsor for the 10 car for next year. Both the 41 and 4 made the chase , which is no easy feat so that’s a positive. And the last few races we saw him smiling again maybe relaxing a little bit more. He has made a change to his crew chief for next year, I’m sure in hopes his last year will be more competitive. We here at Victory Lane News were never huge Stewart fans but he’s a three time champion in a sport that’s very hard to even win a single race in so he must be given his due respect. So my wish for the next coming season is that he runs strong from Daytona to Homestead. And we all know how stout he is in Daytona. Give us all one more glimpse of the Tony of old. 🏁

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