What a night. 

Well first off I have to admit I was unable  watched the Sprint Cup awards banquet as I was unable to receive the channel. However I was able to view Jeff Gordon’s emotional speech.  

 He became very emotional at  several parts and was particularly moved when thanking Mr Hendrick. Yes the championship was won by Kyle Busch but the night belonged to Jeff Gordon.  

 Throughout his speech his showed the upmost class thanking everyone from his team to his fellow competitors to the series itself. And would we have thought otherwise for as long as he has graced us with his raw talent and professionalism in our sport he was the class act we have grown accustomed to in his final banquet speech. As he shed tears during his speech so did I, because I along with so many know there might not ever be another like him to come along. 

 So as he now gets to spend more time with his precious family we have the opportunity to sit back and recall all those great memories he’s has left us with. Thanks for everything champ. 🏁 


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