Will it matter?

So once again like in every Sprint Cup season, cars struggled and changes were made.  

 Both the #10 and the #14 made crew chief changes for 2016. Now here’s my thoughts on this. Tony has struggled the last few years , everyone knows this. But with next year being his last will it make a difference? Nothing went right for Smoke this year with him finishing 28th in points. He has claimed he just hasn’t grasp the new handling package set out by NASCAR. Now here’s the problem, nobody has more car control then Tony , so if he can’t keep up with the car , can a new crew chief be the answer? I get that he wants to run well in his final year but I’m not sure a simple move can improve things. Now Danica out qualified Tony on a regular basis but her finishes were just not there. She’s inconsistent, with late wrecks taking her out of contention week after week. She finished 24th in points. Nobody wants these moves to work more than me because I’m a Stewart and Patrick fan but it seems to me the ” new crew chief move” seems overplayed, and does it ever work? I guess we can only wait and see, as “Silly Season ” has begun. 🏁

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