Wishes for 2016 season 

Well we are back and hope everyone had a great holiday break. Now as we turn our focus back to racing we look to the new year and what it might bring. We have some wishes for this year, whether they come true or not remains to be seen. We wish Danica wins a race this year , or runs in the top ten or even top five in races. We think it’s time her man Ricky turns it up and puts some great finishes together. Gotta hope Tony , in his final year runs like the Tony of old and wins multiple races , might even win the 500 , cuz we all know he’s strong in Daytona. We wish Jeff Gordon all the best in the booth, won’t be the same with him not being out there , but pretty sure he’ll be awesome with his views and insights behind the camera. I myself wish for Martin Truex to have another strong season as he’s my new driver since Jeff retired. And as every year I wish that my sport see’s more fans in the stands, and the sport grows stronger. We know it’s not perfect but we still love it. And we wish our beloved short tracks around the country continue to stay open and continue to become the breeding ground for future stars. And lastly, our final wish is that we wish the 500 was this Sunday !! Can’t wait for the season to start, and to discuss and blog about it. 🏁

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