Nothing better in January then The Chili Bowl

With the cold January weather brings one of the worlds best races of the year.  

 This year marks the 30th taking place at the Tulsa Expo Speedway. This race attracts hundreds of teams and thousands of fans. A total of 344 teams have entered this year. 

And with the month of January almost half over the excitement begins to build, because all race fans know that February brings the start of a new Cup season with our biggest race being the beloved 500.  

 We begin to see the new changes the sport brings. We have Jeff Gordon now working in the booth, new drivers with new teams , new crew chiefs , and along with every season brings new rule packages. 

Ford unveiled their new Fusion that will be used this year. It has slight changes to the front end to more resemble the 2017 Fusion made for the public.  

            And as a proud Canadian with our frigid temperatures there’s nothing better than a ” bowl of hot chili ” and the thought that racing has begun for another season. šŸ



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