Smoke Ignites Again

  Well once again Tony finds himself in the press for the wrong reasons.  Tony has been in Tulsa helping out with the Chili Bowl and had a scuffle with an alcohol influenced fan. 
  Tony was at the Chili Bowl not as a driver but as a volunteer helping with the track preparations and was being taunted by a spectator as he would round the track.

 He took offence to this like most people would and took to the stands to confront the heckler.  Here’s  where Tony’s temper gets him into trouble.  There was some words exchanged and some shoving before the security intervened.  This is a no win for Smoke and now finds himself being investigated for the incident. 

Yes the heckler was probably well under the influence but that’s his call.  Tony, nor any other driver should ever enter the stands. Drivers have to remain professional at all times, they usually are well known and well off and this is a bad recipe for lawsuits and bad press. 🏁

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