NASCAR now has an Owners Charter


Breaking news today, NASCAR announced an agreement with the team owners and formed a Charter.  Now what is a charter you asked,let’s go through this.  It’s an agreement that will help the teams work more closely with NASCAR to produce the best racing.  Now here is some of the details of the charter;

This long-term agreement is for nine years.

There are 36 Charter teams, currently from among 19 organizations. The number 36 was not pre-determined — NASCAR analyzed which teams showed a long-term commitment to the sport by attempting to qualify every week for the past three years. That criteria yielded 36 Charters.


Because of the above criteria, the following teams do not have Charters: the No. 19 of Joe Gibbs Racing, the No. 21 of Wood Brothers Racing, the No. 41 of Stewart-Haas Racing and the No. 46 of HScott Motorsports.

A Charter guarantees entry into the field of every Sprint Cup Series points race. Qualifying speeds still determine the lineup.

Sprint Cup Series fields will shift from 43 cars to 40 cars. That means 36 Charter teams are guaranteed to make every points race, and four non-Charter (or “open”) teams will complete the rest of the field.

Charter owners may transfer their Charter to another team, for one full season, once over the first five years of the agreement.

Charter teams are held to a minimum performance standard. If a Charter team finishes in the bottom three of the owner standings among all 36 Charter teams for three consecutive years, NASCAR has a right to remove the charter.

Teams may sell their Charters on the open market.

Organizations now have a hard cap of four cars; there will be no fifth car for rookie drivers.  My thoughts on it are that I think it’s great for the sport.  This sport is very expensive to compete in and has been for a long time.  So if it means the owners will be able to work hand in hand with NASCAR and continue to grow and build a stronger bottom line, this will in turn build a stronger racing field, and that’s music to my ears.



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