She Drives Faster than Most

Ali Kern prepares to drive during the NASCAR Drive For Diversity Combine at Langley Speedway on October 20, 2015 in Hampton, Virginia.

Ali Kern is not like your typical woman, she’s a racer and that’s just fine by her.  She knows her passion is slightly different than most, she’s a professional race car driver.

I’m just living my life through a different set of goals than what some of my other friends may be”

“They have certain goals and I have mine, I just get to drive faster than most”

Ali will be twenty three in May and she has already been racing for fifteen years.  Her racing career began at the age of 7 racing quads, where she won over one hundred and fifty wins in four divisions at eight different tracks.  There seems to be a trend with her, seems everything she races, she wins in, with championships to follow.  From go karts to modifieds she has turned heads and impressed so much so she was invited to attend the NASCAR Drive for Diversity combine.

“Winning is what keeps everyone paying attention”

With all her on track success, schooling is still a top priority, earning her high school degree early.

“Continuing school was never a question for me, I enjoy school and learning more about business and life, I’m applying everything I learn into racing and it has helped me continue to build our racing program”

This year she is racing in the K&N Pro series and look to her to be a success in this series, she’s looking to be the first female to win in the series and there is no reason to believe she won’t be, winning just seems to follow her.

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