NASCAR made them Stars

during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series TOYOTA OWNERS 400 at Richmond International Raceway on April 22, 2016 in Richmond, Virginia.

If anybody knows me, they know I’m very passionate about NASCAR, so much so that I started this website as well as write for another.  Now I might not agree with NASCAR and everything they do or enforce, but in general I love it all.  Now that goes for the drivers as well, there is some I like more than others but I like them all.

So I wrote how I thought it was ridiculous that Tony Stewart got fined for speaking out on a safety issue.  Yes, now listen carefully, I agree with Tony, he’s passionate about his sport and for the safety of everyone in it.  Here is my problem, there is a select number of drivers that shoot off about NASCAR and the powers that be.

Denny Hamlin is one that fires off towards NASCAR, last week we had to hear  Kyle Busch over his in car radio at Bristol complain about the new surface and “thanked NASCAR for ruining the track” and said that he hates going to Bristol and wishes he could never race there again.

Denny Hamlin last year had the “free Matt” shirts in protest of Matt Kenseth being suspended from an on track accident involving Joey Logano.  Tony usually complains about the NASCAR body as well for  different things.

This is what gets me, these drivers never said anything while they were coming up through the ranks.  In Denny’s case his parents mortgaged their home and did everything possible to help him with his dream of being a NASCAR star.  That’s fine but why is it that once they’ve made their millions, bought their Lake Norman mansions and yes they need their planes and helicopters, that they can run their mouth about how brutal NASCAR is. I remember Tony some years back saying he might quit NASCAR, never happened.

I told some people on social media that yes NASCAR does some stupid things but it’s theirs rules, their game.  These Cup stars made their fortunes because of NASCAR, so why do they wait to have millions in the bank , than shoot their mouth off.

Hey Denny, or Mr. Busch, why don’t you sell your waterfront mansion, your plane, helicopter and all your luxury cars and forget about silly old NASCAR and live out your racing days running at your local short tracks for $200 features?  Yeah, that’s what I thought, nobody will leave.  If your not happy in NASCAR move on so I don’t have to hear you bitch and moan.  NASCAR is not perfect, I so know that, but I’m quite sure it could survive without Mr. Hamlin.

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