Smoke is back 

What a great race today from Cali. I’m not usually a road course fan but was thrilled with the finish. 
The race in general was pretty uneventful which was something we are not used to seeing on a road course.  Today was a great example of how good these drivers have become racing on road courses, with no cars leaving the track surface and ending up in the sand. 

With the closing laps approaching Tony Stewart , with the luck of a late caution found himself in the lead.  And with Tony needing a win to qualify for the chase, all eyes were on the 14 car.  

And with two laps to go Denny and Tony battled with Tony taking the white flag only to give it up on the last lap with a few corners left. Tony again was able to get around Denny and take the win. 

Even if your not a Tony Stewart fan, it was so nice to see him win. 🏁

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