Truex has no luck

By Kenny Bruce | | 

July 12, 2016 at 05.30 PM

 Martin Truex Jr. Matt Kenseth

SPEEDWAY, Ind. — When Martin Truex Jr. was penalized for a pit-road infraction during Saturday night’s Quaker State 400 Presented by Advance Auto Parts at Kentucky Speedway, the penalty cost him a shot at the lead and a possible victory.


The penalty, for passing a car or cars on the left when on pit road, is often referred to as “pulling up to pit” and is made by NASCAR officials in the control tower. According to the post-race infraction report, the infraction on Truex was called a “safety violation” for passing on entry to pit road.


It’s not one of the more common infractions among NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers. According to pit road statistics, Truex was the third driver in the series flagged for the infraction this season. Records show it was called only three times in the series in 2015.


“I understand that it’s always been a rule, you can’t pass to the left coming into the pits,” 2003 series champion Matt Kenseth said Tuesday during a break in testing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. “You can (pass) leaving them … (that) has always been my understanding of it. I think it’s always tough. Personally, I haven’t seen it. … but it’s just something that they haven’t really called, either very much or not at all, in years and years and years.


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