Surrounded by Champions

Alex Prunty is a 23 year old third generation driver from Lomira, Wisconsin and he’s turning a lot of heads.  Surrounded by his father Dan and his uncles David, Dennis and Dale, Alex has shown that he too possesses a natural ability to win races, and to win a lot

When both your father and uncles are all champions at Slinger Speedway, you tend to be around race cars at a very early age.  Alex found himself in the race shop from the time he could walk and was pitting for his uncle David at 10 years old.  The shop is where he learned the importance of perfection and the fact that races are both won and lost there.  As he grew older, he attended college where he earned a degree in engine research and development with high honours.  It is this knowledge that Alex applies to his race car.

This Moraine Park Technical College Alumni is both a car owner and driver of his # 11 super late model.
To say that this driver has a successful career thus far is an understatement. Having won 36 features, a SLM Dash series Championship at Dells Raceway Park as well as 3 Slinger Speedway track championships and the winning of 3 Rookie of the Year awards in only 7 seasons- it is safe to say success leaks out of this man.

This stellar on track performance has not gone unnoticed, with Alex being an excellent candidate for the Kulwicki Driver Development Program.  Alex is extremely honoured to be part of this program.  It teaches drivers how to market themselves in order to reach the next level in NASCAR racing.

It is his dream to rub fenders with his uncles on their way to winning a 16th family championship.  And when he surrounds himself with family as his crew, his dream seems just around the next corner.




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