Will NASCAR Survive?

So sitting here thinking about my much loved sport and I have some concerning thoughts.  When I was in Bristol and walking through the souvenir tents I was spotted.  I was asked ” your Canadian right”?  As I started thinking how he could know he simply said ” I can tell by the race shirt your wearing “. 

He was in a tent selling last years track swag and he explained that my race shirt was embroidered and Canadians wear the expensive swag, because we can afford it. He went on to say that he mostly sees Walmart merchandise, iron on decals etc. 

So I told him he was right I’m Canadian.  Rich hardly but that I was doing okay. I asked him his thoughts on why the fans turn to Walmart and their cheaper t shirts, he said no jobs down here.

So my question is is it or will it ever get better?  Race tickets are not overly expensive, you can bring in your own cooler, find bargains in the souvenir tents, what more can NASCAR do to survive the next twenty years.  I talked awhile longer to him and bought a sweet Gordon cooler from him , smiled and walked on. 

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