There’s no parking this Legend Driver

A Victory Lane News exclusive interview with Ken and Ann Schrader

Special thanks to Kenny and Ann for allowing us to do this interview.

Kenny has long been our favourite here at VLN and our office walls are proof, with his pictures and cars placed throughout.

We are known for profiling up and coming drivers but this driver has done it all and raced everywhere in the country.

VLN; First of all Ken thanks so much for taking the time to sit and speak with us. Do you still keep in touch with any of today’s Sprint Cup drivers?

KS; Yes I do, I talk with some of the drivers on a regular basis and others every once and a while.

VLN; Are you able to attend any races?

KS; Yes I’m able to attend a race or two a season and it’s great to catch up friends in the garage area.


VLN; this question is for Ann, with your own career, were you able to go to the track with Kenny the odd time?

AS; Went every weekend, I put my career on hold. I’m back now nursing-teaching.

VLN; we racing fans are all well aware of the busy racing schedule you keep year after year, tell us what a typical day in the racing season is like

KS; during the racing season I travel from our Missouri shop to dirt races in the United States.


We have a series of appearances with our sponsor, Federated Auto Parts, and that keeps me on the road. I like to run a couple of ARCA races a year each season so I get to work with our North Carolina based team. Every July I run the truck race at Eldora, which is always a good time to catch up with our NASCAR friends and fans.


I also try to attend a few trade shows with the federated folks and always make the PRI Show in Indianapolis in December.

VLN this again is for Ann, how are the kids?

AS; both kids are doing fine, Dorothy is teaching in Colorado and Sheldon is a junior in college.

Well again we at Victory Lane News were thrilled to have been able to do this, thanks so much to Ken and Ann for all their time.

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