The Showman in the 88


So it was finally announced  that Alex Bowman will be driving the 88 given up from Dale Jr due to retirement. While we would never bash any driver or show bias in any way, we feel Mr. H might have made a slight mistake in this selection.

we just feel maybe Bowman would be a better fit in say the 5 of Kasey Kahne and our pick for the premier seat in the series should have went to Mat Kenseth. Kenseth is a proven champion and would have a better shot of getting that iconic car in victory lane a whole lot faster. Yes Bowman is already a team member and has been working hard off track and ran okay in the seat last year, but there is no comparison in these two drivers.

So while we wait for 2018 and Bowman to take to the track, we have to wonder if Mr Hendrick missed it a little on this decision.


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