Dillon Dumps Aric


We at Victory Lane News are thrilled to be back writing about the sport we so love , dating back to the early eighties. With our biggest and most prestigious race now complete we felt it was time to let our views be seen on the eventual winner of the Daytona 500.

First off, we must give the fans that sold out the race our appreciation, nothing would be worse then having our biggest race of the year appear to be half empty. The race was as eventful as it has been  in years past.

This year in the closing laps we saw very aggressive driving and blocking, to which we are so used to seeing at Daytona and Talladega Speedways. How ever with less than a lap left, we saw the iconic number three of Austin Dillon get into and turn race leader Aric Almirola into the wall, with Dillon becoming the race winner.

Now do we think it was a dirty move by Dillon, yes we do, but we also understand that if this action is going to be somewhat acceptable , its in this very  race.

All forty drivers race mere inches away from each other from the drop of the green to the black and white checkered flag, and for the most part respect was often shown. How ever with the importance of being the 500 winner, patience and respect were placed on the back burner. With the end in sight, some drivers will stop at nothing to capture the win. So we are giving Austin Dillon a pass, he dumped Aric on purpose, we all know it, but it will be accepted. Should be interesting to see next week if there is any retaliation, probably not. Do we feel Dillon is a dirty driver, not at all, he’s a 500 winner now.


We must mentioned that Sunday was the last time we will see our beloved Danica in a Cup car. Yes we have been critical of her performance in years past but we feel she did an amazing job Sunday until she got caught in a wreck that was not her fault.

She ran mid pack and was somewhat competitive until her accident. Although she wasn’t able to finish the race, she showed she could be fairly competitive with a team and car that was put together with only a month before the big race. We will be cheering her on in her last race, the Indy 500 in May.

Great win to the 3 crew, chin up to the 10 guys, and on to the next one.

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