Nascar, it’s worth writing about

So we haven’t forgot about our be loved sport over the last several months, we just needed to step away from it. The reason we had to step away was the fact we love it too much. Seems all we were hearing and reading was the negative, and rather then debate and argue, we simply sat back and watched like fans again.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, we were thrilled with Martin Truex and his dominant on track success, and championship, and while there was other positive stories, like Chase Elliott’s first career win on Sunday for example, we now look to rise above the drama and negative people and their views and comments on this sport we love.

We here have followed NASCAR since the mid eighties and are not blind to the fact all is not rosy within our sport. We know and have talked about the struggles of attendance, lost sponsorship’s, failed tech inspections time and time again. Like everything that exists today, things could be better.

And again today we read on our social feeds about the sad news of Brian France’s arrest on Sunday night. We are going to rise above the negative circulating about Brian, this is not the time nor is it the place , addiction is a serious disease and he will not be judged here . Surely there must be some good out of all this, right?NASCAR Hall of Fame Voting Day

I’ve had the pleasure to have talked with Jeremy Mayfield about the problems within this sport and his own problems as well. We interviewed him awhile back and he was very candid and hid nothing from us. Also was in on an interview with him on a podcast , and again he was straight to the point, as expected. So upon hearing about Mr.France’s arrest I immediately thought , here comes more bad news.

So we think it’s time to start writing again, and in positives ways about our sport, less on the negative, and hammer down on all things NASCAR positive!

We have to applaud Jeremy Mayfield on staying classy and not kicking Brian France when he’s down, lord knows he has his reason’s but has chosen the high road, and that’s the road we here at Victory Lane News are committed to travel on.Hugh Laurie Helps Daimler Chrysler Announce their American Cars







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  1. Richard Tilley says:

    Jeremy will always be my favorite for that very reason. Always supporting and not self centered like a lot of these drivers have become.


    1. Yes Richard when all the stories broke about Jeremy We were skeptical to say the least. We reached to him and he phoned us directly and after our phone call, we were on his side, he was very upfront and we have a new friend in him. Always willing to work with us! Very rare in this biz. 🏁


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