Goodbye’s can be so Hard

So this week two drivers announced that this year would be their last. As surprised and as shocked as anybody that heard, we remember one of the drivers career’s a little clearer than the others.

Elliott Sadler announced that this year will be his last, the 43 year old wants to spend more time with his family. As he put at his press release , he was able to fulfill his dreams and now wants to help his two children reach theirs. After 17 years racing in the Cup series, and 21 in the Xfinity series , and 5 spent in the trucks, this year will be his last.

When we think of Elliott we think of 3 things, his friendly, positive attitude, his tenacity and determination to get everything out of his race car that particular day, and his scary looking failed attempt at crowd diving. Yes back in 2006 during a live taping of  Trackside , Elliott followed Jeff Hammond and attempted a crowd dive, only to suffer a major fail and fall banging his head on the stage as his feet slipped.

Fortunately he was okay with only minor injuries but that’s something we still laugh to this day, only because we know he is alright.

Kasey Kahne was the other driver that announced that this year will be his last full time NASCAR season. Although the rumor is he will race sprint cars next season, his passion is sprint car racing where he fields his own racing team. He like Sadler wants to spend more time with his family. Kasey has admitted this decision has been thought about for months, maybe even years. He said at his press release that he hasn’t been as competitive as he would have liked in the last few years, including running for Rick Hendrick .And as a fan and viewer , he is right, but NASCAR racing is so hard to win at , and it will only get harder as the years go on.

So with these  two driver announcements we felt a little bitter sweet here at Victory Lane News. We are very happy to have been able to watch both of their careers, we will miss their faces around the track.

With us feeling a little sad and nostalgic today while reflecting on these two leaving our sport , we thought we would watch The Day, Remembering Dale Earnhardt, again, and yes again we were in tears through out, again proving it’s hard to say goodbye.

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