Too Many Big Ones

Race fans we now have had our first race weekend, and we experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Daytona always kicks off our race season, and from the Trucks to the Cup guys , we saw aggressive side drafting and blocking. Drafting is a necessity in the super speedways as a well as blocking….. to a degree. But it’s the blocking that is getting guys into trouble. We saw it in the Clash, the Truck and the Xfinity series and finally The Cup guys. Blocking when done correctly allows the lead car the chance to advance his position , keeping the tailing car behind him. But with any blocking attempt, there’s always the element of something to go wrong. We seen it all weekend but not to the severity of the 500 on Monday.

With the closing laps winding down, Ryan Blaney made contact with Ryan Newman sending him into the wall and then into the air. While upside down, he was hit in the drivers door at full speed. When he came to a stand still , it looked bad. We have seen this all before with Dale Sr.

We waited and prayed for for Newman’s life. Today it was learned he is awake , alert and speaking with family. This goes to show the safety that is built into these cars. And it also reminds us of the dangers of automobile racing. Our prayers were answered, Mr Newman is still with our NASCAR community. We have almost become numb to the fact that “the big one” always happens and we continue on. But Monday night showed that it should never be taken for granted , the big one, the race outcome, life. 🏁

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