Hello, my name is Joe Lewis , and I’ve been a lover of all Motorsports since an early early age. I was first exposed to our local short tracks where I grew to love the sport of stock car racing. I’ve been a diehard NASCAR fan since I attended my first race in Michigan in 1985.

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  1. steve natt says:

    hi joe – can you contact me? We are in pre-production on a sports documentary TV series and one of the upcoming episodes seems like it could be a good fit for you as an expert/fan, fan/expert. Maybe? Won’t know till we talk… thanks!


    1. Hey Steve how are you? What are you looking for? Could be interested, thanks Joe.


  2. Josh Roberts says:

    Great write up about Jeremy and Shana Mayfield! As a fan of Jeremy’s for many years I still believe that his second coming will be here soon. He could easily be a Chase driver again if given the chance.

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    1. Yes Josh I agree as well. I wanted to keep my piece positive. He doesn’t need anymore bad crap. They are great people and I told them I’m going to help them any way I can. Thanks for the read 👍🏼


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